38 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes


Get creative and try this easy recipe for green beans cooked with orange zest and thyme. This cranberry sauce recipe with pecans can be served next to a Turkey main, or even as a delicious dessert. It’s sweetened with honey and free of refined sugars. If you want a Thanksgiving side that’s rich in fiber, protein and taste, this is it.

Because gaining weight during the holiday season is a national pastime. Year after year, most of us pack on at least a pound during the holidays — and keep the extra weight permanently. “A healthy, fast, freezer-friendly vegetable side dish. These are super. Everyone loved them, including the kids.” “These mushrooms were little bites of heaven! I added a small handful of gorgonzola before stuffing the mushrooms. This was a great make-ahead recipe.” “These easily portable potatoes can be prepared ahead of time and are ready-to-eat after a quick reheat.” Keep portions in check with our amazing stuffing muffins.

Nuts and whole grains travel well, as do wholesome snacks like granola bars and apples. I find it really helpful to have some snacks available when hunger strikes so I don’t end up scarfing down four biscuits for breakfast. If you’re driving and worried about finding fresh produce when you arrive at your destination, you could even bring a cooler packed with your preferred ingredients. Barrett Pendergast’s Arugula Salad With Persimmon, Pomegranate, And Sherry VinaigretteA modern classic for the holiday table. Daphne Oz’s Quinoa Salad With Lemon, Herbs And Feta Try quinoa for a protein-rich side that blends with all the fall flavors. Mushroom Cornbread Stuffing A cozy classic filled with umami flavors.

We toss the vegetables with a simple lemon vinaigrette, then top them off with feta cheese and chopped pistachios. You can substitute fresh parsley for cilantro if you prefer a more neutral-tasting herb. To get the most nutrition from your feast, choose colorful and healthy Thanksgiving sides, from leafy greens to crunchy root veggies. Our healthier takes on classics pack flavor from nutritious ingredients such as fresh herbs and tangy vinegars.

Brussels, Squash And Sweet Potatoes Oh My!

Fresh orange juice and zest help create a bright cranberry sauce that’s not too tart. Whole roasted cauliflower with tahini sauce is great for serving as main vegan dinner. Such an easy gluten-free recipe, but full of flavor. Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to eat a lot of vegetables. You don’t have to put marshmallows on all of them, right?

These herbal supplements can assist your body with protecting itself from external threats. Arrange the carrots on the baking sheet, drizzle the olive oil all over, and season with sea salt and black pepper. Gently mix and then throw the sprigs of thyme on top of them. Celery root lends unique flavor and freshness, as well as a touch more nutrition to this variation on a classic potato gratin.

Spiced Maple Cranberry Sauce

There are so many delicious ingredients in this cheesy casserole like parsnips, kale, bacon, and of course, butternut squash. This side dish is similar to a baked gratin , but it uses seasonal Brussels sprouts instead of potatoes. Get a head start on cooking by prepping the veggies up to two days in advance. This creamy pumpkin soup is full of fall flavors, but if you want to give it a seasonal presentation too, you can serve it in hollowed out pumpkin “bowls.” Add some pasta to your Thanksgiving menu with this quick and easy homemade ravioli. It’s full of fall flavors like pumpkin, brown butter, and sage.

Add tons of fiber (and flavor!) to your feast with this hearty dressing. Don’t stress about sides at the last minute — you can make this salad up to 2 hours in advance! You may even have time for some fun Thanksgiving activities with the kids. Try Carla Hall’s famous Southern greens, seasoned with crushed red pepper, for something unexpected on the table. Fire up the grill for these mildly spicy beans that will bring a whole lot of flavor to your table. If you have a question, please skim the comments section—you might find an immediate answer there.

If you’re looking to shake up your traditional Thanksgiving dinner, you’re sure to find a few favorite here. It’s a day full of family, friends, football and, most importantly, food — turkey, pies and an array of side dishes. But if your Thanksgiving menu seems stuck on buttery potatoes and candied yams, it might be time for someThanksgiving health tips and holiday inspiration. I was planning on making a pear salad so I didn’t have too many squash dishes, but when my pears weren’t ripe , I had to change the plan. Luckily, I had enough extra roasted butternut squash for the salad! And I served the salad with a bottle of olive oil vinaigrette dressing instead of homemade to simplify things a bit.

This spinach apple salad is as easy as it is tasty! No one will believe it took minutes to put together. Start with a bed of greens and add crisp apple and pear. Our best balsamic Can you take hemp gummies on a plane? vinaigrette covers it in tangy sweet goodness, and the best part? Just 1 to 2 minutes in a hot skillet with maple syrup makes the nuts come out shiny and lightly sweet.

All Thanksgiving

Borning sprouts begone with this recipe, which includes a small red chile for extra kick. This content is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of such advice or treatment from a personal physician. All readers/viewers of this content are advised to consult their doctors or qualified health professionals regarding specific health questions.

Like extra-moist and tender mini muffins, these two-bite cornbread puddings are made with sour cream and frozen corn kernels. They’re perfect as a Thanksgiving side dish or even as an appetizer. Try these easy crispy fried sprouts, tossed with a maple syrup and lime juice dressing. When you need a comforting meal but don’t have a lot of time, whip up one of these fast pasta recipes.

Harvest Dairy Free Simple Vegan Stuffing Recipe

Among a spread of heavy Thanksgiving side dishes, this fresh salad will be a welcome contrast. Arrange a spread of shaved veggies like radish, celery, and endive on a large platter. Drizzle with a quick sherry vinaigrette and top with crunchy Marcona almonds and Manchego cheese.

From festive hot cocktails to mocktails to refreshing chilled cocktails and more, these fun Thanksgiving cocktails will leave you with too many drink options and not enough time. The superfood salad of all superfood salads is here! Packed with shaved Brussels sprouts, kale, blueberries, and nuts and seeds with a ginger turmeric dressing, this superfood salad will please a crowd. I’m Davida and welcome to my corner of the internet.

A bowl of homemade ranch dip forms the perfect turkey body . After seeing these sourdough pull-apart rolls, we’ll never eat Thanksgiving rolls the same way again. Sarah Fowler from 30 Minute Foodie constructed this turkey look-alike by arranging her rolls in feather formations Best CBD Edibles before baking. Before serving, top the baked bread with edible candy eyes ($3, Target). Sorry turkey, this gorgeous side from Marie Reginato is going to steal the show. Here, cauliflower and broccoli pop up in riced form as a filling and cranberries top it all off.

These Crock Pot Baked Potatoes are truly a set it and forget it recipe, leaving precious space in your oven to bake other recipes you’re making. Packed full of flavor from fresh orange and smoky bacon, these bacon brussels sprouts can be easily made in the oven or stovetop and will not disappoint. Serve a flavorful bowl of soup as a lighter side option. This butternut squash recipe comes together in under an hour.

Sturdy lacinato kale will become perfectly tender when dressed and left to stand at room temperature. Coating the avocado in the dressing first will keep it from browning while you’re out having fun. What makes this sauce extraordinary isn’t the orange liqueur, though it rounds out the tart and sweet flavors beautifully.

It’s a perfect side dish to share with your wine-loving squad at Friendsgiving. This Thanksgiving side stands on its own among all the traditional staples. It has a sweet and salty contrast that stuffing just doesn’t deliver. The great thing about this tart is that it can be made completely ahead of time.

This simple roasting method enhances the natural flavor of the squash with butter and spices. This cauliflower mash recipe is the perfect low-carb substitute to mashed potatoes. “Blood oranges are part of my Sicily fascination,” Renato Poliafito says.

In a pan on low-medium heat, sauté the onion and celery in the olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Drain and return the potatoes and garlic to the saucepan. Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner of Brussels sprouts topped with cranberry sauce. It is getting close to Thanksgiving and it feels like it kind of snuck up on me this year. As I was thinking of what I wanted to bring to our family gatherings this year I decided to collect my favorite side dishes from fellow Trim Healthy Mama bloggers. I may not have tried all of these but I have yet to see a recipe fail from one of these wonderful ladies.

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If your goal is to simply see more vegetables and wholesome options on the table, I have a wide variety of options for you here! Adding some super enticing, healthy side dishes like these to the Thanksgiving table might just entice your more traditional family members to find a new favorite. They might realize that they really love roasted vegetables.

Carrots With Tahini Dressing

In fact, according to one source, you can burn up to 700 calories cooking Thanksgiving dinner. No Thanksgiving table is complete without an herb-roasted turkey. This recipe calls for garlic, fresh thyme, parsley, sage, and reduced-sodium chicken broth, which add flavor and depth. Just be sure to remove the skin from the turkey to cut back on fat and cholesterol. Add carrots, onion, celery, garlic, apple, and butternut squash to pan; cook for 5-7 minutes or until fragrant and beginning to cook through, stirring occasionally. Whether you decide to make these easy Thanksgiving side dishes ahead of time, or throw it all together on Thanksgiving Day, they’re sure to be crowd-pleasers.

Toasted pistachios add extra crunch to this flavor feast, and Zanini says they’re her favorite replacement for croutons. “They’re among the highest snack nut in protein and fiber,” she explains. Who says you can’t still enjoy a bit of bread on cbd gummies how much do they cost Thanksgiving? This blogger swaps in almond flour for a lower-calorie cornbread to go with your meal. You can even add in 1/8 teaspoon of Stevia for added sweetness. Fall into autumn with this delicious and low-cal pumpkin maple cheesecake.

Nevertheless, they’re an excellent side, and Mississippians prefer to eat their sweet potatoes in a healthy baked dish. In addition to their deliciousness, mashed potatoes are the ideal Thanksgiving side. Step One -Bake the sweet potatoes in a 400F oven for about 1 hour, or until tender. Remove the potatoes from the oven and lower the heat to 350F.

Finish the dish with shelled sweet peas and chopped sugar snap peas. Especially if you have a sweet tooth, you know how much flavor a little sugar can bring to drinks, desserts, and everyday dishes. An extra veggie and lots of garlic make these mashed potatoes the best ever. Rémoulade is a tangy mayonnaise-based French sauce that’s commonly paired with fresh seafood, but it can be high in fat. Our guilt-free version matches the creaminess of the original recipe with canola mayo, Greek yogurt, and fat-free buttermilk.

This gently spiced bread pudding is made with simple kitchen products like bread, eggs, milk, and sugar. Use these recipes to craft a traditional menu or perhaps try something a little different. Either way these recipes are sure to impress and please your guests. Although it’s an American staple, it’s one of the few Thanksgiving dishes that originated in Europe.

And if you do go back for that second slice of pie? A once-a-year feast won’t negate all the hard work you’ve put into eating healthy for the rest of the year. Thanksgiving dinner—the one time each year we justify overindulging. Fresh green beans and not a can in sight—our homemade green bean casserole recipe gives your favorite creamy veggie side dish a bit of a makeover.

Maybe you can trade your traditional rolls for some buttermilk cornbread. Or replace your cranberry sauce with a cranberry chutney. Even adding a different seasoning or topping to your mashed potatoes can keep things interesting at the Thanksgiving table. Instead, toss in olive oil, salt, and pepper and roast until tender for a healthier alternative. A healthier sweet potato casserole with butternut squash, sweetened with maple syrup, and topped with toasted, lightly sweetened pecans.

Check out my suggestions below, and view my full side dish collection here. Speed up roasting vegetables, like these lemon-and-thyme-infused Brussels sprouts, by cooking them on two large baking sheets instead of just one. This basic roasting technique also works for other root vegetables such as carrots, parsnips and potatoes. Tangy cider vinegar, sweet honey, crunchy pine nuts and fresh mint come together to make an amazing glaze in this healthy roasted winter squash recipe. If you use delicata, the whole squash–including the gorgeous skin–is edible. Hasselback potatoes are the perfect side dish for people who love crispy potato-chip-like slices as well as the tender interior of a baked potato.

Roasted Fingerlings And Green Beans With Creamy Tarragon Dressing

I’ve produced a full Thanksgiving Recipe Index which you can search at your leisure. I do not have their recipe however you can contact them and ask if they would share it. I have a lovely pistachio cake with a crispy almond topping in my publication Ready for Dessert, which is less-dense, however very scrumptious as well. At the beginning of this article, I mentioned a chili cook-off. You could use that concept as a springboard to host a family cooking competition, whether that’s an actual chili cook-off, or a Chopped-style game. The goal is fun, and a bright spot for your family in a uniquely challenging year.

The slow-cooked veggies are brimming with flavor already, but the vinaigrette gives them a zingy finish that balances other heavy Thanksgiving fare. Sweet potatoes are naturally sweet and nutrient-packed, so they make a great base for a variety of dishes. In this video, learn how to make a spicy side dish, a vegetarian main dish, and a delicious dessert with this versatile superfood. Aside from sweet potatoes, don’t forget that you can dice and roast little cubes of butternut squash. They’re crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside.

Here, fragrant, anise-flavored caraway seeds enhance crispy sautéed Brussels sprouts. To achieve a perfect caramelization, make sure you’re using a large enough skillet to allow the Brussels sprouts to brown evenly. Roasting carrots brings out their sweetness, which is enhanced further with a tangy balsamic and maple glaze. Serve them straight-up for an easy weeknight side dish or garnish with chopped hazelnuts for holiday meals and dinner parties. Fresh herbs, onion and bacon sauté alongside Brussels sprouts in this easy vegetable side dish recipe.

You might find yourself adding the maple balsamic dressing on other salads, too. I blended up the sauce while the next side dish was in the oven. The warm aroma from this dish as it bakes is what is hightech cbd gummies? just as appealing as the flavor itself thanks to spicy cardamom. It’s an easy, hands-off side—just slice sweet potatoes into thick rounds, then roast them with butter and toasted spices.

These recipes are organized are separated by the type of vegetable, although some may contain more than one type. For planning, think about what is in season and fresh in your area. You can add even more vegetables with a fresh green salad or a soup kept warm in a slow cooker too.

And don’t worry, these recipes aren’t too heavy and will complement any dish on the table. This flavorful rice side dish is packed with spices including cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. Toss the cooked rice and homemade pickled quince with pomegranate seeds, toasted pistachios, and fresh mint.

This gently spiced bread pudding is made with straightforward cupboard things like bread, eggs, milk, and sugar. Just before serving, add in the champagne, sliced oranges and cranberries. Place the vanilla bean and insides, water and sugar in a small saucepan and bring to a boil.

We use flour-thickened milk combined with a modest amount of tangy sharp Cheddar to make a creamy cheese sauce for our healthy spin on the classic potatoes au gratin recipe. They’re topped with additional cheese and some breadcrumbs, then baked until golden brown and bubbling. Serve the au gratin potatoes as a Thanksgiving side or with roasted chicken and vegetables for a satisfying dinner. “This is my absolute favorite way to cook this sweet, creamy, and velvety winter squash, as it’s fast, easy, and cozy.”

While salads lend a refreshing bite in between all the heaviness. Plus, they’re a natural way to add vibrant color to the festive table. It goes without saying that stuffing is one of the most carb-heavy dishes at Thanksgiving—and also one of the most popular. To keep the carbs at a minimum, this blogger tossed out the bread and incorporated bite-sized cauliflower pieces. Cooked together with crunchy celery, onions, garlic, and a host of spices and herbs, you won’t even miss the bread in this warm, delicious stuffing.

Slow-roasted turkey juices reduce and intensify for a divine sauce. It gives the meat a little extra moisture and richness and rounds out the rest of the plate. If you didn’t roast the neck, sauté it for 8 minutes.

A lightened up, dressed up, sophisticated riff on classic candied yams, this simple side dish recipe is all honey-sweetness and spice, and not a marshmallow to be seen. Brushed with a sweet-and-smoky spiced butter, this roasted acorn squash recipe is simple, cozy winter fare at its finest.. Swap them out for these Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Labneh. You won’t be missing those marshmallows, that’s a promise.

In fact, think of Thanksgiving as the perfect excuse to pile your plate high with your favorite nutritious vegetables—Brussels sprouts, green beans, sweet potatoes, and more. Sweet potatoes are a staple in many kitchens, but especially when grandmothers are involved. Starchy and sugary, these spuds are often featured in beloved family recipes like casseroles, pies, breads, and more. It doesn’t need to be the holidays to cook up a batch of sweet potatoes just like Grandma.

A mandoline makes slicing quick and precise, but a sharp chef’s knife will work too. You can also slice the potatoes in the food processor using the slicing blade. Shallots and garlic kick up the green beans’ flavor, toasted pecans add crunch and fiber, and center-cut bacon lends a salty punch without tons of sat fat.

Make it up to three days in advance to cut down on prep work immediately before the big feast. You were already going to make sweet potato mash for Thanksgiving, but why not dress them up a bit? Rutabaga is an underused root vegetable that shares the spotlight in this delicious side.

Firm yet tender veg is simply a matter of getting the quantity, time, and temperature right—and this roasted sweet potato recipe has all three. When you mix hot sauce with butter, it turns into a spicy, creamy spread that’s perfect for melting atop burnished sweet potato halves, bringing them to life. Add some fall veggies to this easy pasta dish with garlic-thyme butternut squash.

Draped in a robe of cheese sauce, this cauliflower is oh-so-indulgent. The humble turnip gets all dressed up in this elegant recipe. Get double the turnip by tossing the roasted turnips in a turnip green pesto. No Thanksgiving spread is complete without a classic Sweet Potato Casserole! Our version is topped with toasted marshmallows , but we also add pecans and cornflakes for some nice crunch. Clementine slices add a pop of juicy sweetness to this side-worthy salad.

This roasted autumn harvest salad is the perfect mixture of warm, sweet, and savory to start off your Thanksgiving meal. Based on sweet potato pie, a favorite in the South, this famous Thanksgiving side dish has a rich history. Baked instead of fried, they’re a healthy and delicious way to make a meal out of leftover mashed potatoes. Here they’re tossed with a good dose of carrots and sesame seeds. If you can’t find the tiny French green beans, substitute regular green beans and increase the cook time in boiling water to five minutes to ensure they’re done. We love the artichokes in this dish—they add their unique flavor and somehow make everything taste just a little sweeter.

Serve halved butternut squash for the prettiest, holiday-ready presentation. While there’s still a decent amount of (vegan!) butter in this gravy, it’s lighter than the typical turkey drippings recipe. Guests will love this refreshing tart, which comes together quickly thanks to clever ingredients. The shortcake-like crust, which uses ground-up freeze-dried raspberries and saltine crackers, is a delicious match to the creamy white chocolate and yogurt topping.

Your guests will never guess that this creamy cauliflower soup is totally dairy-free! It’s rich and velvety, but blended cauliflower – not milk or cream – creates its luscious texture. Add some color to your Thanksgiving table with this rainbow kale salad! To get ahead, you can toss the kale with the vibrant dressing up to two days in advance.

White turkey meat, plain vegetables, roasted sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, thin gravy, and pumpkin pie tend to be the best bets because they are lower in fat and calories. However, if you keep your portions small, you can enjoy whatever you like. While we urge you to avoid holiday food guilt, try to balance your plate as much as possible without depriving yourself. So help yourself to that creamy macaroni and cheese—but don’t forget about the green bean salad. If you’re looking for one more cozy side to add to your Thanksgiving menu, make one of these healthy takes on classic Thanksgiving sides.

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